Make IOT Real

Connect, Monitor, and Automate the World


Designed to help you build solutions quickly and easily.

Get started right away. Connect your hardware (open source or from our partners) directly to Thing+ and immediately begin monitoring and automating things. You can also use our Open API to connect your own hardware, or to create custom apps or functionality.


Thing+ provides a customizable real-time dashboard, a rule-engine for automating systems, and data analysis.


Supports most sensor data and can be customized out-of-the-box.

Using the Thing+ customizable dashboard is the fastest way to bring a solution to market. Modify widget types, locations, sizes, etc… The UI and UX has been optimized from the ground up for usage on any device, mobile or otherwise, with performance concerns at the forefront.

Rule Engine and Events

Set up rules and events to automate and control your solutions.

Systems can be controlled in simple or complex ways through the built-in Thing+ rule system. Rules can be “Triggered” upon certain conditions being met. Actions and events can then be created to automate equipment, send control signals, and push out to SMS and other alert/notification methods.

Data Analysis, Statistics & Reporting

Data Analysis, Reporting, and historical statistics are supported by default.

Thing+ offers the tools you need to report on and investigate data coming out of your IOT devices.

Data comparisons, historical analysis and finding trends between multiple solution sites can all be done with no coding required.  Data can also be downloaded and automatically formatted (using rules or the API) for processing in your other business-specific applications.

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