Convenience Store Monitoring and Automation
  • Solution Deployment Size:

      10+ sensors
  • Solution Type:

      Subscription Based
  • Key Business Requirements:

      Monitor energy consumption and reduce costs
      Automate systems to improve efficiency
      Centralize control of large numbers of store fronts
  • Other Usage Categories:

      Building Renovation
  • KPIs

      % Reduction in Energy Costs
      Improvement in Customer Comfort
      % Reduction in Costs of Labor
      Improved System Control
  • Data Monitored:

      Energy Consumption, Luminosity
  • Solution Tags:

      Building Renovation, Building Energy Efficiency, Storefront automation
  • Regulations Addressed by Solution:

Business Case / Problem:
  • Convenience stores run in an extremely competitive environment where small efficiency gains are a crucial edge for competing companies
  • Much energy is wasted by A/C and other appliances that are working inefficiently or incorrectly
  • Individual storefront owners and staff are not well equipped to measure, analyze, and optimize the usage of their appliances
Solution Overview:
  • I/O devices are used to directly connect and control systems in the storefront to a centralized location on Thing+
  • A/C and other appliances are also directly connected to the system
  • Thing+ Data analytics, monitoring, and automated control rules are used to automate the system and determine appliances that are running inefficiently
System Diagram & Hardware Used:

(Remote I/O) 2x Advantech ADAM-4055

(Remote I/O) 3x Advantech BAS 3024

(Controller) 1x Advantech BAS-3520

(Gateway) 1x Advantech EKI-2528

(Tablet) (Optional) 1x TPC-1017H (Alternatively, operator smart phones can be used)

  • Other Possible Hardware Vendors:

Installation Process Overview:

1. Hardware is purchased and basic calibration/setup is done to get devices prepared for connecting to Thing+.

2. BAS-3024 devices are connected directly to refrigeration and A/C units. Rs-485 is used to connect the final BAS-3024 device to the BAS-3520 controller.

3. ADAM-4055 devices are connected directly to the lighting control and power box. (In some projects, other connections may need to be made)

4. Data is tested and checked for correctness coming in from the BAS-3520 controller.

5. Dashboard for operators is set up on Thing+ on a store-by-store basis. Administration/user accounts are also set up.

6. Rules and the rule engine is set up to automate lights and high energy consumption devices based on time of day/etc…

7. Operators are introduced to the system and stakeholders are shown how to administrate.

Automation & Rules Guide :
Example Rule #1: Detection and alert of abnormal energy consumption

Trigger: Energy consumption > 2% divergence from baseline model

Action: Send email message to storefront operators with a energy consumption warning

Example Rule #2: Turn off lights after hours and modify light intensity based on time of day

Trigger: Time of day

Action: Reduce lighting intensity or completely turn lights off

Impact on Operations:
  • Operators should act on behalf of storefront owners to recommend replacements of inefficient appliances
  • Alerts on abnormal energy consumption should be acted on and faulty devices should be replaced where neccessary
Recommended Data Analysis Options:

Example Data Analysis #1

Data: Appliance energy usage across multiple store fronts

Time period: 7-60 days

Goal: Discover appliances that are consuming higher-than-average amounts of power


  • Compare energy consumption graphs between multiple appliances of the same types in multiple locations
  • Utilize baseline energy consumption estimations to determine energy consumption out of the norm
Solution Assumptions:
  • The storefront has access to an internet connection
Support & Maintenance Requirements:
  • Power consumption monitoring devices may need to be checked and re-calibrated from time to time (see device manual)
  • Temperature sensors may also need a periodic re-calibration and power check

Providers/Installers of this Solution:

Solution Extensions:

  • Temperature & Humidity monitoring in refrigeration units
  • Occupant-based IOT lighting solution