Quick and Easy but Powerful Cloud Platform for all IoT services!

Use Thing+ as the foundation of your IoT solutions. Pre-integrated hardware is available, as well as our SDK and embedded software, which can be used to connect your own custom hardware. Our Web App can be used to set up a GUI for your solutions easily, and for more complex requirements, our Open API can be used.

Thing+ Cloud

Deploy IoT Solutions on the cloud.

Using the Thing+ cloud, your hardware can be connected to an accessible-anywhere GUI immediately.

Thing+ Embedded

Making it easy to connect hardware

Thing+ Embedded includes both an SDK and node.js based application that helps get any custom hardware integrated with Thing+. Thing+ is also integrated with ARM mBed, as well as various LoRaWAN network server providers such as LorIOT.

Thing+ Portal

A fully customizable, out-of-the-box GUI for IOT.

A fully scalable Web Application for the IoT, Thing+ let’s you get sensor data monitored, and systems automated without needing to write your own UI and UX. User administration and a robust rule system for automating devices is also included.

Building IOT solutions has never been easier.