Case study for Thing+ application.

IoT Case #1 Cold Trace System

Cold trace system maintain optimized quality of stored food in frozen / refrigerated warehouses. By real time monitoring for temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and so on, the quality of the stored food can be guaranteed and any trouble spot of the refrigerator can be avoided in advance.

(Application: Refrigerator management in Brazil, Low temperature monitoring in Korea, Refrigerator warehouse monitoring in Korea and so on)

IoT Case #2 Mushroom farm Management

This service provides a real-time monitoring and control of the cultivation environment of various crops by multiple sensors and actuators. This improves the yield by providing the optimal crop growing environment in energy efficiency.

(Application: mushroom farm and incubation room monitoring in Yang Pyeong, Korea)

IoT Case #3 Smartcare system

Provide suitable environment for senior patients by real-time monitoring and alarm to staff for any emergency condition for elders by tracing location and amount of movement to guarantees health and safety.

(Application: Senior hospital in Namyangju, Korea)

IoT Case #4 Chain store control system

Provide cost save by real time monitor and control the power consumption. Make suitable circumstance in internal air condition control. Prevent any system failure by analyzing power consumption pattern in chain store.

(Application: Franchise store in Busan smart city, C convenience store POC in Korea)

IoT Case #5 Vaccine temperature monitoring system

Monitor and control low temperature variance (2~8℃) in Vaccine refrigerator. Set alarm for out of range temperature by SMS and e-mail. High reliability of Vaccine prevent from medical misusage.

(Application: Vaccine monitoring in child hospital, Hanam city, Korea.)

IoT Case #6 Customized Smart monitoring system

By use of Thing+ cloud platform, various sensors and actuators apply for B2C customized product. Service application has been adopted by smart flowerpot manufacturer by use of Thing+ Rest API.

(Application: Smart flowerpot monitoring application, Power plug monitoring application)

IoT Case #7 Cell Tower Management

ThingPlus helps the efficient power consumption by real time monitoring the voltage and power consumption at a cell tower. With the monitored values in real time, Cell Tower Operator can detect a problematic cell tower and fix the potential and/or existing issues in advance.

(Application: Cell tower management in Korea)

IoT Case #8 Smart Home Gateway

A TV Set-top box integrated with ThingPlus can be utilized as the home gateway for Building Smart Home Service.

(Application: Human XG-1000 Set-top Box)

IoT Case #9 Smart Parking

As a part of Smart City, Citizens can easily get the information about available parking spots from ThingPlus cloud. The data is aggregated from parking lots which have the car detection sensors installed on each parking spot.

(Application: Parking Gateway from Korean company N)

IoT Case #10 Power manage

The efficient power consumption is possible with ThingPlus. ThingPlus aggregates the power consumption data from each power plug in the office and allow to analyze the power consumption pattern and avoid the unnecessary power consumption with the power plug control.

(Application: SmartPlug from Korean Company D)

IoT Case #11 Smart Building

ThingPlus can help make a building smart. ThingPlus aggregates data from various sensors and actuators including people counter, temperature sensor and humidity sensor and provides the analyzed information and allow to control any connected devices including air conditioners, lamps and so on.

(Application: People Counter from Korean Company B, Air Condition Monitoring Sensor from Korean Company T)

IoT Case #12 IoT Service Development Education Program

ThingPlus is supporting the IoT Service Development/Experience Education program for the future enterpreneurs and students.

(Application: Ajou University, Korea. ThingPlus Free Seminar)

Now, make your own IoT service by yourself.